The proposed project is located within the territorial field complex (CTC) established by regional territorial plan and called CTC 4-5. This area, between the Partenio park and  Picentini park, has within it different development potential, but currently characterized by strong criticism. The project proposal consists of a strategic framework, consisting of "a system" resource in the development of a policy of recovery and enhancement of cultural, historical and environmental and landscape management negotiating urban transformation, organization and implementation of logistics infrastructure and roads and public spaces.

The urban system

The Provincial Plan Territorial Coordination for the project area includes the creation of two systems of cities defined by us: URBAN, the ancient city of Abellinum which includes the towns of Avellino, Atripalda Mercogliano, Monteforte, and the city of serinese RURAL  (Serino, St. Michele, Cesinali, Aiello, S. Stefano, S. Lucia) which includes the towns lying along the valley of the river Sabato. In a strategic vision of this area, it is proposed a single system of city, formed by the two forecasting systems planning: a strategy that starts from the geography of an area rather than the administrative boundary of the individual municipalities directing the planning of urban development of an area more extensive.

The infrastructure system

The project area is crossed by the motorway A16 and the ring AV-SA. The railway network, now almost abandoned, connects the capital with the city of Benevento and Salerno tapping the towns of the valley of the river Sabato. The project focuses on rail transport, providing for a conversion of the railway line  and reactivating the subway stations closed in a perspective of urban and tourism development, and proposing the opening of two new SMART stations, strategic for the development of this' area. The new line may work according to an induction system that can feed the train pushing consumption and costs of operation to zero.

The environmental system

The project involves the creation of a riverside park along the river Sabato as ecological corridor that connects the two Regional Park Authority in the area, in line with the PTCP. It prefigures the redevelopment of the area, in all its complexity, the landscape, the social space of urbanized areas, the economic system, factors that take, and give resources to the territory and from which they can not do without. According to the more advanced topics of the contemporary debate is the mixitè of these elements that the project try to put together. Following this logic, it has the objective of sharing an original model of sustainable development for the province, considering environmental and natural emergencies.

The agricultural system

The agricultural vocation of this land is the key element of the project. The most important crops are: vineyards (DOC productions Fiano Avellino), chestnut, hazelnut groves, wheat fields, as well as traditional systems of agricultural production. The project proposes to strengthen these realities safeguarding and promoting development through the creation of the agricultural park, closely linked to the concept of km0, and food safety, new and very sensitive issue for the European community, and through the development of synergies between the "active subjects "in the area. For active subjects we intend to companies that practice innovative forms of agricultural, which can be considered as attractors of new forms of investment.

Tourism System

Providing for a system of new activities compatible with the structure of the territory, it is necessary to strengthen the structures of tourist accommodation, including through the reuse of the architectural potential of agriculture system as a new form of knowledge of the territory.



Promoter: Regione Campania

Designer: 32mq design (Project Leader)

                D'argenio Daniela

                Sirica Anna


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