The starting point of the project is a 50 square meters apartment in the centre of Royal Tunbridge Wells.

Small apartments have a serious impact on the real estate market today, because young adults or couples and graduates are mainly looking for them.

This tendency was one of the main guiding principles of the design. The client’s request was to increase the number of the bedrooms, from one to two, but with a limited budget.

Our goal was to merge the dining and the kitchen area in one room.




stanza gialla 02.jpg

The colour is an important aspect of our daily lives, is an intangible value that affects everything around us.

stanza gialla 01.jpg

To emphasize the individual characteristics of each room these new zones got their own vivid colours.



In architecture, in particular, the colour can define individual elements but can also become part of the same work, not only ornament and surface finishing, but true architectural language. With its quality, in fact, the colour changes the perception of space, influences and interacts with humans, it arouses feelings.